Diversify Your Portfolio and Leverage on Fixed Income Instruments

Investing Safely in Mortgage Backed Assets over Blockchain


First Mortgage Investment Fund on a Blockchain

J7 Capital is the first regulation compliant fund that is capitalizing on the vast credit markets and is offering advance investment tools.


Our Vision

Our vision is to empower communities, individuals and businesses to invest wisely and safely into their future and present.


We are creating an equilibrium that builds bridges between Crypto Financial Markets, Traditional Financial Markets and other counterparts like Crypto Investors, Fiat Investors, Businesses and Individuals.

Leverage On Crypto Markets Advantages Combined With Risk-adjusted Measures And New Class Assets

World’s first financial instrument using blockchain technology to diversify investments and mitigate cryptocurrencies’ risks.

Decentralized Financial Platform for Everyone

Institutional Investors

  • Backed stable class asset
  • Committed Fixed Income
  • Currency Appreciation
  • Long-term Strategy with Instant Liquidity
  • Risk-adjusted Instrument
  • Invest in Fiat/Crypto

Private Investors

  • Committed Fixed Income
  • High Annual Yield
  • Mitigate Risks and Volatility
  • Currency Appreciation
  • Invest in Fiat/Crypto

Cryptocurrency Investors

  • Diversify Cryptocurrencies Portfolio
  • Mitigate Risks and Volatility
  • Currency Appreciation
  • Committed Fixed Income
  • Borderless Equal Opportunities
  • Invest in Fiat/Crypto

Our Advantages

Mortgage Investment Fund

The World’s First Fund


Traded on Regulated Exchanges and Reserve


Quarterly NAV Report and Guidance

Huge and Growing Market

$150B+ New Issuance Every Year

Regulation Compliant

Built Compliance Framework to Address Each Country’s Regulations

Risk-adjusted Yields

Committed Annual Yield Paid Monthly


Alon Tzipory

Founder & Managing Partner

Blockchain Enthusiast, Securities Expert, CTO, Keynote Speaker


Yossi Oz

Founder & Managing Partner

Innovation & Marketing Visioner


Rotem Moyal

Founder & Managing

Real-estate Securities Developer


Nehorai Ilani

Head of Marketing & Partners


Nir Konky

Senior Team Leader, Blockchain & Fullstack


Adi Rosh

Project Manager